Pest & Mosquito Control

Perimeter Pest Control

Our perimeter pest control program provides peace of mind for our customers by reducing the pest population around your house and garage.  We apply a barrier around the base of the house as well as around first floor doors and windows, which limits entry by pests such as spiders, boxelder bugs, earwigs, lady beetles, etc…  We apply 5 monthly applications from spring through fall.  Most houses can be treated for $39.99 per treatment.

Mosquito Control

Our mosquito control program guarantees control of mosquitoes on your property for 21 days depending on weather, it may last longer. We apply a fog around the house, shrubs, trees, deck, and lawn. Our 5 application program provides control from spring through fall. We can also apply single applications for special events such as graduations, weddings, or picnics.

Mole Control

Moles feed on earthworms, ants, grubs, and other arthropods living in the ground. They can destroy a lawn while looking for food because they tunnel or create mounds of soil. While they tunnel, they sheer roots of the turf. We can eradicate moles by using the bait in their active tunnels. Keep in mind, the sheer presence of moles does not mean there is a grub problem, as earthworms are their main food source.

We can treat moles in your lawn using our season long mole control program.

Surface Insect Control

Insects such as European cranefly, chinch bugs, sod webworm, billbug or ants may cause enough damage to your lawn to warrant an application. This application is performed on an as needed basis to rid your lawn from insects that feed on turf that is above the soil.

Flea & Tick Control

Fleas and ticks can be an issue for people and for pets. We can complete a treatment that will last for approximately 28 days. This application is targeted to turf areas where fleas and ticks are found.  This may be a granular or liquid application depending on the layout of your property and weather conditions at time of application.

Grub Control

Grubs are the larvae of beetles. In June, they lay their eggs in the soil and within weeks the grubs emerge and feed during the warm summer months often causing extensive damage. They feed on the roots of your lawn, causing thin areas and dead turf. Food-seeking predators (such as moles, skunks, crows and blackbirds) often do further damage where grubs are present.

More on grubs below.

FAQs about Grub Control

I had grub control last summer, will I need it done again this spring?

No, if we control the grubs as they hatch from eggs, your property will be protected until the next egg hatch, which is once a year in the summer. If you do have breakthrough, we guarantee our preventative grub control and will apply a curative at no charge for up to one year after the preventative treatment.

I had you treat for grubs so why do I still have moles?

Moles’ main food source is earthworms. While they do feed on grubs, we would never sell you grub control to control moles. We offer a specific mole control if you’re having an issue with moles.

You treated my lawn for grubs today. Do I have to do anything special?

Grub control needs to be watered with at least ½” of water/rainfall. We try to time applications when rainfall is in the forecast, but if it doesn’t rain within 10-14 days, watering will be needed to get the product into the soil where the grubs are.

I had skunks and raccoons digging. You treated for grubs, but the raccoons and skunks are still digging. What gives?

It takes approximately 7-10 days for the curative grub control to kill the grubs present, during which time animals may continue to feed.

Why do I need 2 grub control applications in one year?

If you didn’t have a preventative application and there’s an issue with grubs, you should have a curative application (in fall or spring) and then have a preventative application. It is possible to have a curative and preventative application in the same visit. From then on, one application per season is sufficient.